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Regular Consumption of White Tea May Prevent Cancer

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You may have seen that many people take black tea after their breakfast or during other times of the day. However, you should also know that the consumption of white tea is prevalent in Japan and China for several centuries due to its unique flavor and aroma. Nowadays, health conscious people have started gathering sufficient knowledge about this tea after a group of researchers claimed that it might act as an aide for reducing chances of certain forms of cancer. Therefore, there is a rise in purchase of Black Momma White Tea online.

Black tea and green tea are cultivated and harvested in many parts of the world. However, Fukien province in China holds the top position for the production of white organic tea. This tea is produced from the plant called Camelia Sinensis. Other tea blends are produced from the same plant.

Characteristics of White Organic Tea

How to identify white tea? If you do not possess the right knowledge and expertise of identifying tea leaves, then you may land up with the wrong choice. In comparison to other teas, white organic tea features a high number of buds than its leaves. The buds of the tea plant boast tiny hairs that have silver hue. That is why the plant has a whitish appearance.

Another characteristic of white organic tea is that its leaves do not have to undergo elaborate steps of processing. Care is taken in such a way that the leaves are not subjected to rigorous oxidation. Buds of this tea are plucked when they remain unopened. These buds are subjected to steaming process and then they undergo heat-dry treatment. This treatment keeps the leaves fresh.

Constituents of White Organic Tea

As the white organic tea does not require elaborate processing, some researchers believe that this tea contains polyphenols in a substantial quantity that may help in fighting cancer.

What Researchers Found?

Most of the polyphenols get oxidized when green tea is processed into black or oolong tea. Some researchers conducted an experiment for proving that white tea contains a substantial amount of polyphenols that may help to fight against cancer.

While conducting the experiment, four variants of brewed white tea underwent laboratory test. Researchers termed the test as Salmonella assay. The purpose of the test was to ascertain whether a mutation in DNA could be prevented by chemical or not. The outcome of the experiment was that each variant of white tea prohibited mutations in DNA efficiently. It proved that the white tea could reduce possibilities of cancer.

White Tea and Green Tea Contain Same Kind of Polyphenols

The examination also found that white tea is rich in polyphenols that are also present in green tea. However, the amount of these compounds varies as per the tea type. If a number of polyphenols contained in one variant is more than the other variant, it shows that the one with the highest level has enough potential of fighting against cancer.

The researchers conducted another experiment to determine the effectiveness of white tea in fighting cancer. They conducted the experiment on a few rats. Those rats had significant possibilities of developing symptoms of colon cancer.

Initially, the researchers divided the rats into two groups. Both groups were fed with substances containing mutagens. These compounds raise the possibilities of developing symptoms of cancer. One group was fed with water. The other group was fed with white tea. The tea underwent steeping for around five minutes. Rats consuming white tea developed a lesser number of precancerous tumors than those fed with water.

White Tea might be Effective against Lung Cancer

White tea may check the growth of lung cancer. Some researchers from Scripps Green Hospital in California, University of California and University of New Mexico conducted an experiment where they treated two kinds of cells displaying symptoms of lung cancer, with white tea. The application of white tea on both cells caused changes in the cell linings. That led to the death of cells. The study showed that 15-LOX and PPAR-gamma signaling pathways became active that led to apoptosis. The researchers also subjected the affected cells to green tea extract. They found that white tea effectively increased the number of RNA transcripts than green tea. The rise in the level of RNA transcripts caused cell death.

You have seen how white tea might check the growth of cancer cells. Consume this tea regularly to stay fit. Buy white tea online now at www.Blackmommateas.com


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